Horse Riding Ireland: Connemara
Equestrian Vacation - Trail riding in Connemara, guided by Willie
Leahy (Irish Horse Whisperer) - Horse Riding Holidays from January to December- Horse Riding and Hunting in the mild Irish Winter

Horse Riding Ireland: Equestrian Vacation in Connemara
An everlasting land of ferocious splendour. Celebrated for its breathtaking scenery. This is a region of contrasting landscapes. Spectacular mountains, peaceful lakes, unscathed bogs. The innumerable colours of the surroundings transform constantly beneath the shifting sky. It is a wilderness of mystifying beauty, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. From riding the Connemara and Coast Trails you are brought into the hidden core of this landscape.
Willie Leahy, a quintessential Irish horseman, guides your adventure through Connemara. Willie Leahy was the first person, anywhere in the world, to conduct a vacation trail ride. Willie breeds more Connemara ponies in the world than anyone else and is also the Field Master of the renowned Galway Blazers Hunt. For more than 30 years the Leahy family have taken pleasure in bringing guests to this very unique part of Ireland. Their friendly attention ensures that every rider goes home with special memories of a brilliant holiday.

The Horses:
Skilled or beginner riders alike can enjoy this holiday. Between four and six hours a day are spent riding on well-bred, composed Irish hunters and Connemara ponies.
Your mount for the week is chosen with a caring and experienced eye to ensure that horse and rider are well suited to one another.

Connemara Trail:
Guiding the Trail ride through the Highland of Connemara to the Atlantic Ocean is Willie Leahy, a quintessential Irish horseman.
The Connemara Trail was first embarked on more than 33 years ago.
It is the longest-standing trail ride in the world.The trail passes through the wildest and most striking scenery that Ireland has to offer.
Riding is available from May to October.
Riders are on horseback for four to six hours per day.
Skilled or beginner riders alike can enjoy this guided Trail Ride.

Connemara Coast Trail:
Willie Leahy, quintessential Irish horseman, leads the Trail Ride down by the Connemara Coast from Clifden to the region near Galway.
The Coast Trail started more than 20 years ago to supplement the Connemara Trail.
The trail passes through the wildest and most striking scenery that Ireland has to offer.

"Connemara has always been a wild place, too barren and bog-ridden for agriculture but good for ponies, sheep, fishermen and ghosts. Men earn their living by fishing and gathering seaweed and by breeding horses. The annual Connemara Horse Show in Clifden is world famous. You'll hear Gaelic, the native Irish language, spoken here more than anywhere else in Ireland.
The people of this rugged coast have an aura of toughness about them."
(by Virginia Westbury)

Horse Riding Ireland: Galway
Dartfield and Aille Cross Horse Riding Holidays all year around:
The Irish winter climate is perfectly suited for cross country riding.
Dartfield / Aille Cross Cross-Country Ride offers cross country jumping and trail riding at a speed that can be adjusted to suit riders with different abilities.
The ride will bring you cross country from one farm to another, and at each farm, if you desire, there will be a chance to jump a variety of very different varied cross-country courses.
For beginners and advanced riders are Lessons and Training for Dressage and Show Jumping available.

Hunting / Foxhuntig
Ireland is known all over the world for its hunting. Aille Cross is located in the Galway Blazers country. It is ideal hunting country, open, level going divided by the stone walls for which the hunt is so well-known.
The Irish hunting horse is as special as the country itself.
We take delight in being able to match your ability to one of our horses to guarantee that you have the time of your life upon this hunting holiday.
Aille Cross gives riders, whether experienced or not, the chance to hunt in the Galway countryside. Your host at Aille Cross, Willie Leahy, is the Fieldmaster of the Galway Blazers Hunt.
Riders should be assured and safe at all paces and over fences. But, not like many other hunting holidays, riders have the chance to get to know their hunters and the country ahead of time. The package comprises one to three days of hunting with six days of riding.

Horse Riding for one hour, half day or full day
You make holidays in Ireland and you visit Galway and Connemara. It is an unforgettable break to go horse riding for some hours, half or full day.
For beginners or advanced riders, we give you the suitable horse.

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